Nitesh Shrivastava

Mr. Nitesh Shrivastva who has diverse rich experience in real estate industry is civil engineer by profession. He has number of years of experience in the real estate sector and using his practical knowledge for the growth of the company. His vast knowledge about the real estate and his sound technical awareness towards the real estate business gives him a reputation of being a leader in the real estate industry in India. Apart from the real estate we have group companies in Valuation or Survey and we are dealing with that from the last four decades. We are one of the best survey companies all over the Delhi since 1992.

Presently we are dealing into Residential or Commercial projects in Delhi or Jaipur. We are developing a township in Jaipur near Jaipur-Ajmer Highway in Jaipur .Also we already developed a commercial building in the name of Sona Place at Kamla nagar , Delhi.


  • Path Finder India Pvt Limited

  • Government Approved Valuers

  • LQ Survey Pvt Limited

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